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Welcome to "Shutdown Windows' Servers"!

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As a project of Chaos-Treff Bad Waldsee and the CCC ERFA Ulm you'll find a program here to make Windows much more secure from network worms like Sasser, without needing a Personal Firewall. Additionally, this program makes your operating system and so also your PC much more secure from other attacks out of the network, including attacks of crackers.

What can I get here?

Click here to download "Shutdown Windows' servers". "Shutdown Windows' servers" is a program, which makes Microsoft Windows XP Home, Microsoft Windows XP Professional and Windows 2000 much more secure from attacks from the network. Other Windows releases I cannot support until now. Also Computers are not supported, which are in a Windows domain - this program is meant for home users. If you're using Windows XP, then I'm requesting you to use the Windows-Firewall instead. You don't need "Shutdown Windows' servers" then.

The source code of "Shutdown Windows' servers" you're getting here. It can be compiled with the Microsoft Visual C++ Compiler; it's also possible to compile it with the MinGW Compiler.

Screenshot of 'Shutdown Windows' servers'

Usually, it's enough to download "Shutdown Windows' servers"; the source code only is provided for people, who want to know what's going on exactly.

What does it do?

Windows is offering many network services in the default configuration. You can filter them with the Windows-Firewall (which is a good idea) or with "Personal Firewalls" (which are often shady), but you also can simple shut them down. This is what "Shutdown Windows' servers" can do for you.

This program is doing the same as Torsten's great script. Please read his page, there is many useful information there. This program is compatible to release 2.1 of his script.

Usually, "Personal Firewalls" become obsolete with this program.

"Shutdown Windows' servers" is free Software - also it's for free ;-) You may distribute and modify it, as long as you're also providing the source code. Also from any modifications you have to provide the source code if you're distributing it, because "Shutdown Windows' servers" is under the GNU General Public License.

How to use it

Download "Shutdown Windows' servers" and start it.

Choose "Reboot now" to make the changes take effect.

Who is responsible for "Shutdown Windows' servers"?

I am Volker Birk, Oberer Graben 4, 8400 Winterthur, Schweiz. You can reach me at I'm looking forward to your critics.

I must tell you, that nor the CCC nor I can give any warranties for this program; I'm doing my best to make this program good and useful. If you want to try it out, just use it at your own risk.

Why are you doing this?

I developed it on Easter Monday - I was bored a little bit then ;-)

And: I think, that the work of Frank Kaune and Torsten Mann can be used by many people. Especially Ansgar Wiechers, Uli Dangel, Dominik Meyer and Stephan Weber of Chaostreff Bad Waldsee as well as Umut Dilbaz are helping me with support.

Third, at last: it's useful, isn't it?

Have fun and: use the Internet securely!

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